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Hiking map of the trail-footpath: Vallehermoso - Santa Clara - Pta de Alcalá - Playa - Vhso     

La Gomera footpaths selection

Resources of La Gomera

 13,95 km 781 m 781 m 2  4h59mn (2,8km/h)  -  Round Paths  -Connection autobus       12.kml - 12.gpx

Data sheet of the trail      

1->2 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 4,40 km   580 m   24m
2->3 - (GR132)  Very good shape
Distance 1,67 km   39 m   115m
3->4 - (GR132)  Dirt road
Distance 1,70 km   5 m   114m
Continuar por la pista en medio de las tierras ocres erosionadas por la erosión. La ermita de Coromoto se encuentra en medio de la caminata que llega hasta el final de a lomada desde donde se puede ver toda la parte noroeste de la isla, así como el Teide a lo lejos sobre el mar y La Palma si el tiempo lo permite.
4->5 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,16 km   8 m   3m
Subir hasta el mirador para disfrutar plenamente del panorama. Bajar de nuevo.
5->6 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,16 km   3 m   8m
6->7 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 1,69 km   0 m   517m
7->8 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 2,87 km   131 m   3m
8->9 - ()  Road
Distance 0,42 km   18 m   0m

Alternative treks for hiking around the same place:


Circular hike, on the extreme northwestern tip of La Gomera, we recommend starting from Vallehermoso beach and climbing up to Alcalá's egg laying area. Climbing from Vallehermoso beach to Buenavista (560m), at each stop (mandatory) the vastness of the sea that separates us from La Palma to the northwest and the Teide sitting like a gigantic statue on the ocean. The north coast of La Gomera, like a border of the photo, completes this surrealist panorama. The "cardoncillos", euforbiaceous, cover the entire slope.
Following the Chijeré ridge to the hermitage of Santa Clara, you can see the monolith of Los Órganos, at least with its face facing inland. Santa Clara, with its tables, benches and barbecue, looks more like a five-star panoramic restaurant above the tip of Arguamul and the entire western slope of La Gomera, well guarded from above by the Tesselinde.
The barranco de la Era Nueva, formerly of los Franceses, is a separate world, with its drier and warmer southern slope and its northern slope open to the alises. A world of euphorbia, agaves and palm trees.

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  • Essential mountain boots.
  • Do not go with rain on the trails, as there is not only the risk of landslides but also the formation of ravines.
  • With excessive heat, it is not recommended at all. In the summer months it can be a torment.
  • Water in abundance and a protective cap should not be lacking.
  • Abstain if you are afraid of goats, sheep, lizards and guanches.
  • Do not leave the slightest trace of our stay in the place.
  • Wearing long pants to avoid rubbing against the vegetation is always convenient.
  • A cane or two, to walk, is a good help.
  • Don't forget to close the gates you open. Animals can go on roads.
  • Take care about the planet, we have just one and she will forward you something.
  • Happy hiking on our trails.


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